Kate Winslet's assistant: FAIL

Friday, 19 December 2008

I love Kate Winslet. I enjoyed reading Kira Cochrane's interview with her in today's Guardian.

Then we get to this:

While preparing to play April, she read The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan, the 1963 feminist classic that lifted the lid on a generation of educated, 1950s women, condemned to housewifery, and deeply unhappy...

...I ask whether she liked the Friedan book. "Yeah, I did. God, she was a feisty chick." Does Winslet feel that she's a feminist? "I think I probably am, aren't I?" Her assistant hurriedly adds, "In a loose, unofficial kind of way," but Winslet continues to ponder. "I think I probably am. I mean, not in a bra-burning way. But I think I am a feminist, yeah."

Good grief, wouldn't that be a terrible thing for a celebrity to admit to: being a feminist. Clearly her assistant felt that such a label would be bad for Winslet because us feminists are all mad, bad, deeply unpleasant women. 'A loose, unofficial kind of way' indeed.


K*teen said...

i don't get when people say 'i'm not a feminist', oh ok do you want to not have the vote, the right to equal pay, to be your husband's property..
lol at 'loose, unofficial way' though!

Hannah said...

I'd like to see the women who say that have the rights they enjoy *because* of feminists taken away; they might find they think differently about it!

k. bell said...

i find the whole concept of "official" feminism sort of funny. what, you support the cause but aren't a card-carrying member? you mean, "feminism" isn't stamped somewhere on your ID?!



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