The beautiful cervix

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I'm shamelessly stealing this plug from The F Word because i found it so interesting and thought some of you might be interested too. My Beautiful Cervix is a project undertaken by a 25-year-old woman as a way to understand more about her menstrual cycle and body. As the blog's title might suggest, she took a photo of her cervix every day for the duration of one cycle and also tracked changes in body temperature and how she was feeling.

I was really interested to see the site and think it's great (and also very informative) that someone has done this. I'll say now that it may not be for everyone; all photos are obviously very graphic and some show menstrual blood.

As the site's creator says, May this site be educational for you and may you feel inspired to discover more about your body…

We decorated our Christmas tree at the weekend. We hadn't meant to do it so early in the month but the kind we wanted was selling out fast at the garden centre so on Sunday we chose it, got the decorations down from the loft and broke out the mulled wine for a festive afternoon. Pictures are hopefully on their way!


Leeann said...

Thank you for passing this on, it's really interesting. Though I chart my cycle and am theoretically pretty cool with cervices, I found I was too squeamish to look at all the pictures! Something about them just made me uncomfortable. I'm amazed that she took them all with a regular digital camera, though, and I hope she's able to take the project further.

k. bell said...

that WAS actually really interesting. I agree a lot with what Leeann said :)

Vagina > Penis, any day.

Fluffy said...

I don't know what to think. I'm quite afraid of the photos because I think they'll make me nauseous but I think after a while I'll be able to endure it. Nevertheless, fascinating, interesting yet weird experiment!

Hannah said...

Glad you all found it interesting :) I'm glad i put a warning on it though as i thought some people may be squeamish!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog.

Keep writing because I'll keep visiting!


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