Perspectives on egalitarian relationships: @god_loves_women

Monday, 30 April 2012

This week's guest post comes from someone who really inspires me with her passion and motivation. @god_loves_women tweets and blogs about her faith, her convictions for overcoming gender inequality and injustice, and gender issues in the church and scripture. She is married, and has two children.

What does egalitarian marriage look like to me?

Beautiful, challenging and working through problems
Nobody top, nobody bottom
Living life in the tension, that neither is fully right
Neither of us having a full line of sight

We both can speak and both learn and both get it wrong
It’s part of the rhythm of marriage’s song

I pray to God for answers, as does he
Neither assuming the other better hears the Almighty

God created me with a mind, voice, soul and heart
My husband he created with the same
Together we’re better, stronger, lovelier
It’s not him being in charge…it’s not me being beneath

Because when it becomes about who makes the decisions
Or whether we get a blue or green car
When it’s one way or the high way
We can be sure that we’ve lost the way

Because love is too big for someone to be in charge
It’s not me or him but rather He, the Creator who commands our way
His will is highest and all that we desire
Not my way, or his way, but His way forever

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from two to one said...

This is beautiful! I'm eager to see more in this series.


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