Thinking positive about women in the church

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today I have a guest post up on Anna Blanch's blog, Goannatree, entitled "Thinking Positive about Being a Woman in the Church".

"Being “a woman in the church” is fraught with problems. We know this because we experience it, we think about it, we write about it. A lot. 

 It is absolutely vital that we discuss what it means to be a woman in the church and the things we come across that upset us, that make us feel patronized or limited or ignored. Some years ago, I was struggling with finding my identity and wondering whether or not it was okay to just be myself at church. I was a bit concerned that it wasn’t okay and that this was backed up by a lot of books and other materials aimed at women, which tended to talk about “Biblical womanhood” as if this was a specific set of personality traits and skills. How wonderful it was to find different voices out there, through blogs and through books; women who felt the same way as me and who have helped me immeasurably on my faith journey."

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This Saturday I will be at the Christian New Media Conference at City University London and am really excited about learning a lot from the sessions and talks on offer, as well as getting to meet some online acquaintances. You know what do if you spot me!

Image via State Library of South Australia's Flickr.


Anita Mathias said...

So, did you find the conference helpful?

Hannah Mudge said...

Hi Anita - yes I did! It was a really interesting day with some useful lessons to be learned and I know that others felt the same. The only downside was that due to the packed nature of the day, the breakout sessions were fairly short, which I didn't think allowed enough time for discussion. It's hard to get the right balance with these things though, as they obviously wanted the main sessions to be of a good length as well. It was nice to meet some online friends in the flesh, too :)


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