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Friday, 8 October 2010

With two days to go until my half marathon, I'm sitting around doing very little in my spare time aside from clearing the backlog on my Google Reader and tweeting about how much I love the new-ish Zara website which just about makes up for the fact we don't have a store here in Peterborough.

I'm already starting to look forward to the build-up to Christmas, pointless 'Winterval' stories galore in the tabloids and people landing on this very blog by searching for 'Is Advent Conspiracy liberal?' or 'Is Advent Conspiracy socialist?'. It's a sad reflection on the attitudes of Christians when an organisation challenges them to spend less on presents and instead donate time or money to helping good causes or their church family - yet all they're worried about is whether or not this is an inherently 'liberal' or 'socialist' act and how awful that is.

Yet again I have some links to share before normal service resumes (hopefully) very soon and depending on how busy I am.

- This Comment is Free piece from earlier in the week entitled 'Feminism's Generation Wars' discusses recently-voiced opinions about supposed tensions between women who were active in the movement 30 and 40 years ago and the younger feminists of today. Unfortunately at times it comes across as reinforcing some problematic attitudes and unfair portrayals of younger feminists.
- An interesting and debate-generating post from RedHeadFashionista about journalists, bloggers and the influence they have, in turn inspired by this post about 'influential bloggers'.
- Today we heard the genuinely sad news that the next issue of Subtext magazine will be the last. Subtext has provided me with interesting reading for a long time now and I know for a fact that Gill and Charlotte's efforts have inspired a lot of women who want to create alternative women's magazines themselves and live in hope that one day we'll see more publications like it.

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