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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dave Warnock has been doing a series of posts on the problems of male headship which I've found really interesting and full of excellent points:

My Wife...
The Forgotten Victims of Male Headship
Included or Injustice
The Dangers of Power in Male Headship

There's been some good discussion in the comments.

I was interested to see a story in the Daily Mail (I know right) yesterday proclaiming Curate ourages congregation by telling women to be silent and submit to their husbands. The story has generated hundreds of comments from right across the spectrum - from obviously hardline complementarians who end up coming across as horribly misogynist:

And quite right, too. Finally, somone with the brass to point to the elephant in the room and call it for what it is - bickering, self-centred, self-glorifying, vain and self-obsessed women. Everywhere you look. God appointed man as the head of the household and woman as his helpmeet. If you don't like it, no problem: don't get married.

- to egalitarian Christians and atheists. Sadly there are a few comments from women who talk about their experiences of abusive marriages where their husband used male headhip teaching as justification for the abuse, which is particularly pertinent in the context of Dave's most recent post.


Hannah said...

Its strange how they basically talk from both sides of their mouth.

The lack of obedience of the modern women is hinted at for the cause of the downfall of marriage. Yet, 'it is the responsibility of husbands to show consideration and love for their wives.’ doesn't have NEAR the focus!

I don't know it seems, 'take the log out of your eye' comes to mind here.

The church is filled with Christian women, and not what they define as the 'modern' one. I wonder if they ever stopped to look at their definition of the 'modern' women, and looked around at their members to see all those poster children for this. Their definition is normally so OUT THERE with the demonized radical feminist (men haters, don't need children (abortion), want to be the boss, etc) I guess it never dawned on them how completely off the mark they are. Do they seriously think those types sit in their pews?

YEP families are falling apart due to NOT enough 'submitting' and shutting up when they need to. They took a general stereotype that makes people giggle when used in comedy routines at times, and used as a reality for the 'real world'.

They want to be recognized as leaders now I suppose right? WOW! is all I can say right now. Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

" WOW! is all I can say right now. Just WOW!"

Exactly how i felt when i first saw it. Just speechless.

These two just forgot that they are TWO people in a marriage and not just one.
Obviously i'm counting out polygamous marriages here.


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