Fun with search terms

Thursday, 22 October 2009

I keep track of how people reach my blog and so far I've been surprised that the majority of hits come from people searching for helpful and positive things. Last night however, someone found their way here via a search for

dogs drink from lesbian's mouth

So there you go. I'm quite intrigued that Google came up with my blog in response to this. Let's hope that the person in Springfield, Missouri who ended up clicking on my blog as a result found some food for thought here as opposed to, well, dogs drinking from lesbians' mouths.


PhilH said...

Because of my fondness for puns, I get some excellent search terms finding my webcomic. Usually it's "cam boy" or "pornographic webcomics" - 19 hours ago someone searched for "curious brothel" - but occasionally it's something truly disgusting like your one. It's a joy to behold.

Adele said...

i am laughing SO hard at this!

Hannah M said...

I'm honestly quite surprised that this is the worst thing i've ever come across on my tracker. Cath Elliot has written about some horrendous examples recently.


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