Travels (part two)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

O'Connell statue detail

My second work-related trip of the year was to Dublin and got off to a less-than-fantastic start due to this winter's ridiculous weather. It was snowing hard when we arrived at the airport and by the time we'd boarded the plane a lot had settled. Around the time we were supposed to take off they announced they were shutting the airport and when we finally got off the ground we were two and a half hours behind schedule. This meant that we had to power round the city taking photographs and couldn't actually get everywhere on our itinerary (including the Guinness factory, much to the chagrin of my colleagues who totally made up for this later).

Nevertheless we found it a really vibrant and fun city, although very much geared towards tourism which meant astronomical food, drink and taxi prices. Although I felt there wasn't as much to see as on our trip to Paris, it was nice to stay over and experience the nightlife.

O'Connell statue detail

Trinity College

Oscar Wilde statue

Truly weird statue of Oscar Wilde which wasn't what I was expecting at all.

Temple Bar


O'Connell Street

More photos at my Flickr.

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