About me

I am Hannah Mudge. We Mixed Our Drinks is my blog.

I started blogging because I missed writing. Once upon a time, for a fairly short period, I was a journalist. I trained to be a newspaper reporter, which I enjoyed. Briefly, I also worked with magazines and the tabloids, which I can safely say I didn't enjoy. I started writing again, at the end of 2008, because I wanted to write about the things I'm interested in, to keep my writing in the public sphere and to engage more with the bloggers whose work I'd been reading for a while.

I live in Peterborough with my husband and son and am expecting my second baby in October 2017. I work full-time looking after digital fundraising and communications at an international development organisation. I'm left-wing, a feminist towards the radical end of spectrum and a Christian. Sometimes I talk at events (Greenbelt; GoFeminist, the African Initiatives conference) about the intersection of Christianity and feminism. I am a founding member of the Christian Feminist Network, a primarily online-based network for Christian feminists in the UK and of Project 3:28, which holds Christian festivals and conferences to account on the gender balance of contributors.

Things I have written can also be found at Liberal ConspiracyThe F Word, the Sophia Network blogxoJaneThreadsPremier Christianity and the New Statesman. I was the news editor at BitchBuzz for three years and in partnership with ActionAid travelled to Brazil as part of the Bollocks to Inequality initiative. I have also been a regular contributor for Christian Today.

Why "We Mixed Our Drinks"? I lifted it, completely, from the name of Nerina Shute's autobiography, having read bits about her in a book once and seeing her book cited in the footnotes, I liked it.

These days this blog is primarily a space for personal writing undertaken in my very limited free time. I don't work with brands, write promotional pieces of any sort and I don't have the time to take on book reviews. Sorry!

email: mixedourdrinks@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I would love to send you an invitation to the launch of my book ‘Women in Waiting, Prejudice at the Heart of the Church’ on 11th March at St James’s Piccadilly. Please can I have your email, thanks Julia

Hannah Mudge said...

Hi Julia, you can email me on mixedourdrinks@gmail.com!

Thanks very much,



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