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Monday, 14 September 2009

The Daily Mail reports on Asda's new range of Asian clothing for women - believed to be the first collection of its kind available on the high street.

As we all know, a story like this is guaranteed to have the Mail's most bigoted readers mopping their brows and asking for the smelling salts and the comments definitely don't disappoint. You can just imagine 'David, Darlington' foaming at the mouth as he typed:
'Ok - another appeaser off my list of places to shop. No doubt alongside halal meat, barbaric!!'
There you have it - it's not just a cause for outrage, it's barbaric. Presumably David's good friends with the person who claimed that the results of a recent survey of teachers asking which names they associated with naughty children signalled feral Britain at its finest!.

'Tailgunner, Essex' makes a mistake common to Mail readers and confuses the word 'Asian' with 'Muslim' as he or she furiously types:
'A turning point indeed! The islamic colonization of our country shows no sign of slowing down, infact it's gathering pace as the tipping point approaches.'
'John B, Wakefield' is so incensed that he suggests that everyone living in the UK should wear clothing personally approved by him:
'Sorry, but isn't ASDA aware of the existing social problem of Asians failing to integrate ? I believe that this is an ill conceived idea, as our Asian residents should be adopting western clothing as the norm whilst living in the UK.
I wonder if he'd feel the same and swap his 'Western clothing' for the clothes of a different culture if he moved abroad? Somehow I doubt it.

My absolute favourite, however, comes from the no doubt charming and personable 'Sue Daley, England':
'So, no patriotism allowed, no free-speech allowed, don't mention the BNP, don't complain about green-belt building to accommodate the influx, don't dare say you're a Christian, don't complain that your local church is now a mosque, don't be alarmed if your local town now looks like Islamabad. For Gawd's sake, is there no end to the destruction of Englishness? When I shop in an English shop, I want to see English that so hard to understand? Asda, you've seen the last of Mrs. Daley's lolly.'
Presumably she didn't get the memo when Asda became part of WALMART in 1999.

I'm holding out for the comment which ends England has gone to the dogs. I'm glad I moved to Spain when I had the chance!. The only thing worse than a bigoted, racist Daily Mail reader is a bigoted, racist, expat Daily Mail reader.

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Eline said...

Wow, I didn't know people could still be so hatefully racist.

PhilH said...

Yes, churches all across the country are being turned into mosque. Happens *all* the time.

Wait, no, that's banks turning into wine bars isn't it?

I *always* get those two confused.

PhilH said...

Steven Majors has been hit by a host of red arrows for this:

the outfits shown here are colloquially referred to as "punjabis", worn mostly by the punjabi people (sikhs and 1/2 of pakistanis); however, hindus have started wearing them recently, and hopefully, now that ASDA is stocking them, you will too!

- Steven Majors, Notts, 14/9/2009 17:57

Actually, a lot of the top rated comments are very good.

coffeebucks said...

Wow, Sue Daley's brand of unfocused raging racism is usually marked by terrible spelling and grammar. Whilst she's clearly batshit insane, it's legible. This depresses me.

Anonymous said...

"When I shop in an English shop, I want to see English things"

There better not be any of them prawn crackers, or I'll really lose it. It were bad enough when they replaced yorkshire puds with them pizza things, but the stuff you see now! Chicken korma ready meals right there in the same aisle as the great British beef. I ask you.

Hannah M said...

Always a joy to see the worst bigotry combined with terrible spelling or grammar!

So supermarkets shouldn't be stocking 'non-British' products...I'd love to see the epxression on their faces when faces with the prospect of not being able to buy pizzas, a whole selection of alcohol and chicken kormas.

Phil, i was actually quite pleased to see that the top rated comments were indeed pretty intelligent and well-informed. It certainly makes a change, anyway.


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